Smartphone Gaming in India: 7 out of 10 Users Spend Under 10 mins/day On Games

Nelsen GamingSmartphone gaming seems to be picking up in India. One in five smartphone users in India spend close to 15 minutes a day playing games on their smartphone, making it one of the most popular activities on the smartphone, according to a new report.

In general most smartphone users in the country are Light Gamers and spend just over 2 minutes a day on smartphone gaming but 1 out of 7 are Heavy Gamers and spend over an hour everyday on gaming, the Smartphone Gamer by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights said.

The interesting fact is that nearly half of all Heavy Gamers are between the age of 25 and 35.

Here are some interesting Insights from the report

  • Nearly 7 out of 10 users are Light Gamers and spend under 10 mins/day on smartphone gaming.
  • Heavy gamers spend an average of 62 min/day on smartphone gaming, whereas Medium Gamers only spend an average of 18 mins/day on it.
  • Light Gamers install an average of only 2 games on their smartphones every month, whereas Medium and Heavy Gamers install an average of 4 and 5 games per month respectively.
  • Hill Climb Racing seems to be one of the favorite games across the gamer segments with Light, Medium and Heavy Gamers playing 2, 6 and 16 mins of the game respectively, every day.
  • The top games among Heavy Gamers in the order of engagement are Hill Climb Racing, Subway Surfers and Angry Birds, with users playing 16,15 and 13 mins/day of the game respectively.Nielsen Gaming
  • Across segments low priced handsets that cost below Rs 10,000 seemed to be the smartphone of choice for gamers.
  • Majority(41%) of the heavy gamers play games on smartphones costing below Rs 10,000 and only 32% of them play the games on smartphones costing over Rs 15,000.