2012: India and China to be the next Smartphone Battleground

India is a huge market for mobile devices and while 2011 saw the attack of branded Chinese devices, 2012 will be be the year when branded OS (Android/Windows Phone and iOS predominantly) will play the battle.

Report by Flurry suggests that emerging economies, i.e. China, India and Brazil will make up three of the top five market opportunities.

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From Flurry blog

First we used the “adult” population counts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which IMF defines as 15 to 64 years of age.  Next, we adjusted our numbers based on the size of the middle class in each country, primarily using a study by Miller-McCune.  We finally estimated the size of the upper class per country, who by extension can also afford a smart device.  After making adjustments, we are left with adult consumers who have the financial means to afford a smartphone device per country.

smartphone adressable markets

Many of the world’s largest countries have largely un-penetrated markets, primarily due to standards of living (emerging markets) or increased competition for consumers’ disposable income (developed markets).  In either case, the TAM is there, but the adoption hasn’t yet occurred.  So, many of these markets are future bets with the time of maturity somewhat variable and unknown.

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