Adaptxt wants to solve your “messaging woes” Type emails and text messages quicker and better

KeyPoint Technologies has launched ‘Adaptxt’, a messaging app powered by a predictive text2.0 engine, providing text entry assistance on Android devices. The app makers say that it learns and adapts to specific writing styles to give users personalised suggestions.

The app has added more than 12 features which includes single touch Wikipedia definition and language toggling in its latest version. It supports more than 65 languages and also learns unique words and phrases to place them in a custom dictionary.

Error correction, next word prediction also work on the app.

Adaptxt features 35 industry-specific dictionaries for professions such as finance, legal and medical, and language dictionaries from Arabic to Vietnamese. Btw, its also got a gr8 SMS dictionary which makes it easier for you to commit grammar crimes.

Key Features of Adaptxt:

  • Enhanced Add-ons: 21 new language, 2 new SMS dictionaries (English and Brazilian(Torpedos)) and technical dictionary add-ons, for an enriching typing experience
  • In-app Installation: All language and technical dictionary add-ons can be installed directly from the Add-on Manager
  • Enhanced Keyboard Layouts
  • Shake Feature: Shake device to switch between split keyboard and standard keyboard layouts
  • Repositionable Suggestion Bar
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Automatic Text replacement creates shortcuts for commonly used text and phrases
  • It syncs with your social network

If you are on Android, give these apps a try and let us know what you think. The Adaptxt app for phone is here and for tablet, its here.

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