In India, women spend the same amount of time on their smartphones as compared to men. However, there are sharp contrasts in how they use their phones.

  • Men spend 50 percent more time browsing the web on their smartphones than women.
  • Women spend 3 hours more on calls every month as compared to men.
  • Women spend 4 times the amount of time men spend on Instant Messaging (Chat) applications.
  • Men experiment more with apps – they install, on an average, 16 applications in a month compared to just 11 by women.
Smartphone Activity: The Gender Divide

As far as calls & messaging is concerned, women spend nearly 20 hours a month on calls and messaging which is almost 33 percent more than time spent by men on the same activity. Also, incoming and outgoing calls both last longer among women.

In terms of web browsing, men spend 50% more time browsing on their smartphones than women. The average number of websites visited by men is 20 in a month compared to just 14 among women. However, women prefer social sites more than men as 43 percent of web pages visited by women are social networking sites, compared to just 32 percent for men.


Surprisingly, women use online apps substantially higher compared to men, driven mainly by chat apps such as WhatsApp Messenger (which women use three times as much as men), Google Talk and Nimbuzz.

– Men however, don’t mind asking for directions on their smartphones, accessing the Google Maps app more than women (45% vs 32%).

– For both men and women around 20 percent of all apps installed are online apps.

Online App Usage in India - The Gender Divide

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