Smartphone Shipments To Grow At 37% In India [Report]

Smartphones are expected to grow at 37% compared to 32% average growth for the previous three years, according to CyberMedia research. The decline in feature phone shipments was 17% on an annual average basis.

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The market for India mobile handsets will settle around 250 mn units in 2016, a 4% growth compared to 2015, said the research firm. The reason behind the minimal growth will be the 4G and expansion of reach to Tier II and Tier III markets.

The study said, “Anecdotally, the ASP (Average Selling Price) for a Smartphone in 2013 was Rs13,000 (volume: 41 mn units), which has come down to Rs 10,700 (volume: 95 mn units) by the end of 2015. At the same time, the specifications of a Smartphone have improved substantially. In 2013, just 0.07% of Smartphones shipped had 4GB RAM for instance, which in 2015, was a little over 0.6%.”

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  1. The numbers may keep going for next few years and after that one may see kind of saturation due to most of the ppl having phones and demand comes only for replacements..

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