More Smartphones were Sold Than Feature Phones For the First Time: Report

A major trend that goes with the post PC era is the massive adoption and growth of smartphones and the consequent decline of feature phones in the market. A new study brings more evidence to the trend. In the first quarter of 2013, for the first time ever, more smartphones were shipped than feature phones worldwide. Smart Phone Shipments 1Q2013 IDC

According to the International Data Corporation’s latest report, vendors shipped a total of 216.2 mn smartphones in the quarter, which is more than half of the total phones shipped in the quarter.

The smartphone market grew 41.6% compared to the 152.7 million units shipped in first quarter of 2012 but sequentially lower by 5.1%, the report said.

In the seasonally slow quarter, a total of 418.6 million mobile phones were shipped as compared to 402.4 million units in the first quarter last year.Mobile Phone Shipment 1Q2013 IDC

Other findings of the study

  • Samsung maintained the position it held at the end of 2012: the undisputed leader in the worldwide smartphone market. By the end of 1Q13, Samsung shipped more units than the next four vendors combined. What remains to be seen is how Samsung’s new Tizen-powered smartphones will look and feel later this year, and fit into the company’s overall smartphone portfolio.
  • Apple’s smartphone shipment volume hit a new first-quarter high thanks in part to the iPhone 5, with volume growing 6.6% year over year. However, the last time the iPhone maker posted a single-digit year-over-year growth rate was 3Q09.
  • LG returned to the smartphone Top 5 after a two-quarter absence, reaching record-high shipments in the process. Its smartphone volume for the quarter was driven in large part by its 3G smartphone portfolio, namely the L series and the Nexus 4.
  • Huawei has shown significant improvement from where it was a year ago, when it offered a handful of Ascend smartphones and had more limited presence outside the Asia/Pacific region.
  • ZTE’s 1Q13 performance continued the trends established last year, with a strong showing in Asia/Pacific and North America, but a small presence in EMEA and Latin America despite its previous success with low-end feature phones there.

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