The Smartpocket App Wallet – Physical Out, Digital In.

The BigMobilityConf2014 saw a lot many new Mobile app demos. Smartpocket app, the flagship product by Bangalore based Findulum Techlabs Pvt Ltd was one such app that demoed at the Conf.  smartpocketapp

Co-founded by Mayank Shah and Kiran Shastri, the app collects digital versions of the user’s cards and stores them on a virtual wallet, providing the necessary info about the cards utilities. The app aims to make physical wallets obsolete in 5 years and use smartphones instead.

Smartpocket can store all your cards from your driving license to pan cards to bank cards to loyalty and insurance cards. The user details are collected from the phone numbers linked to the cards and the info is dumped on to the wallet, thus avoiding the need to feed card details on the wallet.

The app can provide all the details related to the cards like cash backs and discounts available on bank cards, redeemable points on loyalty cards, travel miles on travel cards, insurance coverage from insurance cards and also help the user pay penalty/fine charged by police officials. The app stores digital images of the cards so that the user can have a hard copy printed as and when needed.

The app is a one point conduit for corporates to engage with their customers. Smartpocket provides a common point of engagement for different services where the companies can use campaigns to engage with its customers.  The app also provides geo-locating services enabling targeted marketing to customers.

The app has been live for 3 months and has had around 7000 downloads. Smartpocket works with 7 brands currently and has over 13000 cards registered. The app was selected by Google Launchpad for the mentorship programme and was also part of Nasscom’s 10000 startup programme.

Here is a video of Smartpocket app from the BigMobilityConf2014:

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