SmartTechie’s StartupCity: Event Coverage

[Guest post by Lalit Bhise, CEO/Co-Founder of Mobisy. In this post, Lalit shares his thoughts on startupcity event]

Just returned from the Smarttechie startupcity event and was reflecting on the day that was. I have only one comment .. wow !
The whole day Nimhans Convention center(where the event was held) was buzzing with entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, VCs, corporates and so on …
If someone wanted a reflection on how Bangalore’s entrepreneur community is thriving s/he should have just visited the event.

Mobisy had a booth there and we received more than 1000 visitors to our booth alone. Come to think of it now, it seems like the nominal fee they took for the booth was a huge bargain. Where else would we have got a chance to meet one to one with so many potential partners?

I was also invited for the CEO conclave in the after noon. This was moderated by Sharad Sharma from Yahoo and attended by hundreds of entrepreneurs.
On the panel there were Kris Gopalakrishnan along with others. At the conclave Sharad Sharma made a very apt comment about Bangalore and it’s start-up friendly environment.
” Even in Services boom it somehow transpired that Bangalore based start-ups like Wipro , Infosys were much more successful then ones from rest of India(Pune, Delhi and so on ..). It must have something to do with the fact that these entrepreneurs were much more willing to reinvent their companies when needed. ”

Update from Ashish: Swaroop has a good post on startupcity. Check it out.

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