Smartupz – Manages Your Sales Lead and The Sales Team

Smartupz is a new on-top-of CRM solution that lets you start selling services online without much ado. In several ways Smartupz is more like a convergence of BaseCamp (37Signal) and CRM by Salesforce, where the platform is designed to ensure that a salesman is focused more on deals and less on the protocols of CRM tool that his/her company uses.

What I liked about Smartupz is that it creates a landing page for your business i.e. a dynamic contact page which gathers information about your visiting customers, conversations all over the Social Web, and consolidates these information in a way that is easily index-able by search engines. Of course the data is rendered useful for the sales team for collaborative selling too. For example, you get the contact information for your customers aggregated at one place that is accessible by all members of your sales team straight from your existing website.

Smartupz has a very cool interface that simplifies the sales process by letting your team members manage requests and communicate both among themselves and with customers online. The emails are linked with relevant conversations between sales reps and the quotes could be created and sent immediately on the spot. The landing pages are customizable using a visual editor and typical landing page would look like this:

Smartupz is priced in standard SAAS format with plans ranging from USD 5 to USD 45 a month. Accounts are provided with analytics to track sales performance, conversion rate, reports show in-pipeline deals, closed deals and an API is made available for development of custom reports too. The functionality is accessible on smart phones & tablets too, which ensures that on-the-field sales teams are also roped within the system.

All in all, I found Smartupz quite neatly done and will definitely help you manage the complexity of the sales processes better.

Dear Pi readers, do give Smartupz a spin!

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