sminq : Get just in time service at clinics, salons, restaurants [View #LiveQueueStatus]

Get just in time service at clinics, salons, restaurants etc


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  1. – There is a business app which is used by the vendor. Replacing pen and paper is one of the key problems we are solving for vendors, they are open to computer based web connected systems (too complex for them), so a mobile phone becomes very handy to use. The vendors only need an Android tablet or phone (not provided by sminq)
    – We are not integrating with 3rd party players, sminq works stand-alone. Every customer is verified via OTP. Once registered they simply need to join the Q or book a slot.

    We think appointment system (provided by many players ) is broken as you never see the live scenario, and mom & pop stores in India will be slow to adopt new systems for this.

  2. Very interesting concept. A few qns :

    – What sort of integration does a business need to do? Most of the clinics are still run on a ‘register and pen/paper’ – do you provide them a tab or an app/device?
    – For customers, how does this work? Are you integrating with practo kind of service, to check for verifiability of the customers?

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