Smoking Ban..What about Those who are Burning the Country?

Image via Wikipedia [Completely off-topic – a personal take on govt’s crazy ideas and indifference to things that matter the most.] Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Delhi, Tripura and the list…
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[Completely off-topic – a personal take on govt’s crazy ideas and indifference to things that matter the most.]

Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Delhi, Tripura and the list goes on – terrorism’s smoke is all over the country and the dear govt. is hell bent on implementing a ban on cigarette smoking (beedi/chewing tobacco is still legal).

Starting today, you won’t be able to smoke in shopping malls, cinema halls, public/private work place, hotels, banquet halls, discotheques, canteen, coffee house, pubs, bars, airport lounge, railway stations, and even the international airports – except for smoking on the road and if caught, be ready to ‘cough’ Rs. 200 (any gazetted government officer or the HR or administration officer in a private company can impose a fine on you!).

Forget about the draconian rule (won’t be surprised if govt. bans drinking coffee, as it’s also addictive and is harmful for health) – what about traffic pollution which is more dangerous than smoking (by the way, as per the new rule, the only way to smoke legally is on the road!)?

Well, these are shallow laws and are born out of health minister’s frustration (over his failure to get Bollywood biggies under his control?) and also shows desperation of the current govt. to show something ‘healthy’ for the upcoming election.

What’s not clear to me is why is govt. not focusing on the smoke which is killing innocent lives? The Smoke with a capital T – i.e. Terrorism – one that is hitting us on our face – wherever we are.

Everyday, bomb explosion smoke is engulfing new cities/geographies and all we are witnessing is a blame game (starts with ISI, then intelligence agencies and finally inter-parties.) – and everything fizzles out in few days.

Gandhi wanted peace in the country, but I guess we are chopping the world in multiple ‘pieces’ – and harping on issues that just doesn’t matter.

And who is to blame for all this?

I guess, it’s us, and US = You , Me and Everybody who doesn’t vote, who is too engrossed in price of iPhone and is not doing anything about the Bihar flood or any human calamity.

Because we are still a spectator in the entire game – and if we stay too long, we will be ‘smoked out’.


Update: Looks like most of you seems to be agitated towards coffee. vs. smoke comparison. Lets remove coffee from the article – everything that I have mentioned here still holds true, i.e. govt’s lack of focus on an issue which, in my opinion is the most burning issue right now.

Smoking is bad, kills others, blah blah..and let me tell you this – a shallow ban like this won’t go beyond certain level of implementation – so let’s focus on things that matter the most.
As a tech-savvy citizen, I urge people to question government on their lack of focus/effort in fighting terrorism.

For discussion, please focus on the main issue that has been raised in this post, and not teeny weeny things.

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  1. Seriously man … I mean you do realize that smoking increases risk of cancer of you and others around you.. Also once you get cancer you are definitely going to use something which is subsidized and hence comes from tax payers pocket the money which could have had some better use….. Note that things have to begin somewhere … Its like when you tell a bad kid that this is bad, his reaction almost every time is- “BUT ram shyam and ghanshyam also do this or”- “that teacher never told me it is bad so who are you to tell me it is not ok’ .. Grow up bro . SMOKING IS NOT COOL, YOU MOTHER MUST HAVE TOLD YOU. JUST BECAUSE GOVERNMENT TOLD YOU THE SAME THING IT BECOMES DRACONIAN???

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