SMSCountry Founders Launch 360Invite

SMSCountry founders, who recently sold to Way2SMS have launched their next venture, 360Invite,  an online service that enables users to send event invitations across all media channels – i.e. SMS, Voice, Email and Facebook.360invite

The freemium service was launched on March 18th and in its current form, offers free plan which encompasses 2 events (in 30 days) and 50 SMS/Voice messages/unlimited email messages.

Filing an important gap?

There are quite a few event management solutions, but they are mostly targeted towards event ticketing and not so much on marketing. 360Invite is targeted towards consumers (example: birthday invitations, marriage invitations etc) adding a personal touch, i.e. voice to the invitations.

This is a critical piece as there hardly are any known services (for consumers) that complete the 360 degree of invitations, i.e. across different mediums.

360invite Features

Do give 360invite a spin and share your feedback.

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