SMSGupShup opens up..launches developer platform [SMS based widgets]

SMSGupshup, India’s Twitter has launched developer platform for developers to build SMS-based widgets and services.

When it comes to the Indian mobile space, smsgupshup rules. Yes, it is not Twitter. Not even any other social networking site such as Facebook or Orkut.

With over 20 million subscribers to the platform, Beerud Seth, CEO of Webaroo definitely has something to smile about. And here we have a scoop about what he has been up to lately.smsgupshup-thumb.gif

Smsgupshup is about to announce an API platform to crowdsource mobile applications from the developer community across the world. Now we believe that this is quite a big step, in order to close-in on Twitter, if not anyone else (both in terms of product development and monetizability too).

GupShup API enables developers to build SMS-based widgets and services. Using GupShup API, developers can build a variety of widgets and services that advertise their GupShup group messages on their website or blog, and post messages to their group through their favorite website.

How neatly does Webaroo deliver the platform to the developers is another question which probably only time would answer. A few sample applications TictacToe and Cricket Exchange they created seemed pretty interesting, in a sort of “iPhone Applications” kind of way. Except that these apps are quite inevitably going to be limited to simplest of UI’s or none at all.

The move seems quite bold for an Indian set-up, particularly pointing towards an imminent change in selling behavior of products from the country. We see it as a welcome change for an Indian produce, while the global giant Twitter still figures out it’s monetization strategy.

Earlier, SMSGupshup raised $11mn from Helion and CRV and very recently, the parent company, Webaroo morphed itself into SMSGupshup (i.e. killed the other products like sitedownloader etc).

What’s your opinion on SMSGupshup’s platform play? Will it fly?

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