Short QnA with SMSGupshup Team on Appshup Revenue Share, Roadmap

SMSGupshup recently announced the formal launch of its Appstore, Appshup and since we have been receiving a few queries from our readers, we just passed on the questions to SMSGupshup team.

Here is a short QnA with the team on Appshup:

Qn: What is the revenue share percentage between SMSGupshup and Developers?

70-30 (70% for the developers, 30% for SMS GupShup) of what the carrier pays (payments are held until it crosses a nominal threshold, for administrative convenience)

b. Please share the operators/circles where you have the partnerships.

Pan-India: all circles/operators

c. How are you planning to market the app directory?

On SMS GupShup’s community of 27 million users

d. Any plans to go premium SMS route?

The app platform runs on a premium short code (On a one-off basis, we can offer to run apps on longcodes too. In this case, there may be additional fees for the developer)

e. Please share the API roadmap

The current feature set is fairly rich. You will see a broad variety of new apps launching on the platform over the next few weeks – including many interactive, multi-user games, built on the current platform. We intend to offer more interactivity and better reporting in the next version. We are open to developer feedback on new additions.

Please send in your queries and we will have the SMSGupshup team respond to the same.

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