Exclusive: SMSgupshup users can send picture messages…and 1:1 SMSes too

Starting tomorrow (i.e. 28th Dec), users of smsgupshup can send picture messages to the entire group/individual numbers.smsgupshup

Once you login, you will see a button for sending text message or picture message. From the broad choice of messages (New year, Birthday, Anniversary, Food and drinks), you can narrow down to any of the selection, select a pic, add your text and send that to the entire group!

You can also send the picture to individual numbers too.

Also, smsgupshup is launching 1:1 sms service, which basically means they will now compete head-on with services like as 160by2/way2sms.

Interesting way to heat up the competition in 2008!

tags: smsgupshup, webaroo

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