Monkiri – Snap and Share a Webpage along with Review, Comments

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Monkiri – Snap and Share a Webpage along with Review, Comments

Pune-based Monkiri (which means art of paper cutting in Japanese) enables a web user to clip/snap a webpage and comment on the same.logo_monkiri

With the help of Monkiri button a user can snap required portion of the item on the webpage and blog about it. The user can then give a comprehensive review of the same and add on his comments.

Over a period of time, Monkiri users can build up an online journal of articles of interest (and an inherent social network)

Though this is not the first of it’s kind and many attempts made earlier haven’t seen great success (for e.g. sabeer bhatiya’s Blog Everywhere to Google’s ‘Note This’), it would be interesting to see how Monkiri fares.


The site is well laid out and you can simply install the IE/FF plugin , take a snap of the webpage and blog about it.

Though the idea seems to be good on paper, reasons why clipping products never took off could be:

  • Wider usage of and StumpledUpon – the strong social element built in these products serves as an entry barrier for others to get in.
  • Lack of social elements – a FF plugin is necessary to have, but that’s a push based model. A pull is when a blogger installs “ShareThis” or “AddThis” plugin
  • In general, people have an opinion on entire site and not just a page – maybe that’s why clippings of few items don’t serve the purpose.

Do give Monkiri a spin and share your feedback.
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