Snapchat Clears Rumors: ‘We Are Not Storing Your Private Snaps’

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Snapchat Clears Rumors: ‘We Are Not Storing Your Private Snaps’

Snapchat responds to the internet’s concerns over privacy after it made several privacy changes to its app recently. Rumors spread in the internet that Snapchat was not only storing users’ posts, but also taking ownership of them.

Snapchat posted this Tweet, addressing the concerns:

Snap chat also mentioned in a separate blogpost that all messages are automatically deleted from their servers once the app detects that they have been viewed or have expired.

The post explained that the ‘Live Stories’ feature shares ‘Snaps’ in Snapchat’s public domain, but requires permission from user’s end first. It also clarifies on why revisions were made to the Privacy Policy. Take a read below:

  • The main thing we did was to rewrite the Terms and Privacy Policy so that they’d read the way people actually talk. We always try to be upfront and clear with our community.
  • We added language to the Terms of Service regarding in-app purchases. We needed to do that now that we’re selling Replays — and have some other cool products and services we’re looking forward to bringing to you soon.
  • To make it a little easier for friends to find you on Snapchat, we’ve clarified what info — like your name — will be visible to other Snapchatters and how you can modify that info.


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