Snapdeal: ‘We don’t endorse Aamir’s statement’; Garners Support From Sachin Bansal

Snapdeal said that ‘it is neither connected nor plays a role in comments made by Aamir Khan in his personal capacity,’ after it borne the brunt of Aamir Khan’s controversial statement. Rival Flipkart’s CEO Sachin Bansal also tweeted supporting the company saying ‘Snapdeal shouldn’t face this.’

After a day that ended with controversy and social slamming, Snapdeal finally releases a statement, stating that the company clearly ‘does not endorse Aamir comments’ and will continue their business ‘built by passionate young Indians.’

“Snapdeal is neither connected nor plays a role in comments made by Aamir Khan in his personal capacity. Snapdeal is a proud Indian company built by passionate young Indians focused on building an inclusive digital India. Everyday we are positively impacting thousands of small businesses and millions of consumers in India. We will continue towards our mission of creating one million successful online entrepreneurs in India,” said the e-commerce player.

Flipkart’s Sachin Bansal Tweets In Support Of Snapdeal

Rival Flipkart’s CEO, Sachin Bansal supported the company and tweeted that it is a flawed logic and Snapdeal should not face this.

Aamir Khan’s statement on ‘Intolerant India’ at the Ramnath Goenka awards function on Monday, triggered a huge controversy which had to be borne by Snapdeal as people flocked to the App store voting down Snapdeal’s app and also slammed the company on social sites.

  1. Guys, don’t be so radical. Everybody has the right to express themselves, after all, we are living in a democratic country. Snapdeal doesn’t belong to Aamir Khan, does it? It sells many products which are endorsed by the other Khans. Go and buy them if you think you hate Aamir Khan. We should all agree that intolerance has taken a new dimensions of late as the people at the top been sitting quietly. C’mon, he has just expressed his love for his family. In our capacity we say so many things which could be termed as communal. If being a commoner we can say so many things without proper thought, why do we want the celebrities to be flawless? After all, they too are humans!! We do love our families and everybody has the right to do so. India has been a secular country since the very beginning and this remains our USP and strength. Let’s continue to be together before it crumbles to dust just because of hatred and jealousy.

  2. Not endorsing his statements but still keeping him to endorse your brand is as hypocritical as AKs logic of not supporting Laloo but endorsing Nitish n Mahagatbandhan! #failed_logic

  3. I don’t think this is Amirkhan fault but it definitely Aamir Khan Makes A Political Statement. and it hurting Snapdeal App ratings and Starts Receiving 1 Star Ratings #AppWapsi.

  4. Every indian n intl companies must throw out garbage like SRK and Aamir khan out of endorsing.
    Even Indians sd throw such gaddars out of India

  5. good one sir , we just want Kunal shd also come forward and clear it that he or his company has nothing to do with AmirKhan the Baagi !! so ppl shd only boycott his movies / public appearances/ endorsements/ shows

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