Snapdeal Launches ‘Snapdeal Ads’ To Enable Sellers Drive Discovery of Products

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Snapdeal Launches ‘Snapdeal Ads’ To Enable Sellers Drive Discovery of Products

Snapdeal has launched Snapdeal Ads – a platform to help sellers drive discovery of their products and increase revenue through targeted advertising tools. Developed in-house, the advertising platform will allow the seller community to reach customers through product advertisements, enabling faster discovery across Web, Mobile Web and Apps.


Snapdeal Ads features a simple self-service panel integrated into the seller platform where sellers can purchase ads and begin promotions without any prior campaign management experience. The platform provides rich campaign analytics, allowing sellers to build targeted campaigns, measure impact and return on investment on real-time basis.


Snapdeal Ads deploys native advertisement formats for product ads that can be showcased across various Snapdeal properties and channels, including website, mobile site and apps.  For a majority of small and medium scale businesses, these online advertisements will be a cost-effective method to boost business through promotional campaigns. Large sellers and brands who wish to develop more elaborate campaigns can further customize their advertising plans using a comprehensive self-serve platform.

“Snapdeal Ads will strengthen discovery tools on the marketplace, providing multiple touch points for customer-seller engagement. The advertising tools will help our over 2-lakh strong seller community simplify their business journey and boost overall revenues as more users discover their products.” [Anand Chandrasekaran, Chief Product Officer, Snapdeal]

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