Snapdeal Launches Capital Assist To Help Sellers With Financing

Snapdeal has announced the launch of Capital Assist, a platform to enable easier availability of capital to its sellers. With Snapdeal’s vision to enable 1 million small businesses online, Capital Assist will encourage banks and NBFCs to join the marketplace platform, to significantly benefit the small and medium sized sellers by providing seamless and low-cost financing to sellers on Snapdeal, depending on their current and future business requirements, helping them increase their sales exponentially on the site.


The eligibility criteria for sellers to avail this service will be clearly defined by the company along with the funding partners (bank/NBFC) on Capital Assist.

Previously, Snapdeal had launched ‘Snapdeal Seller Zone’ to help sellers manage their inventory online. Snapdeal seems to be bringing in a lot of innovations to stay ahead in the eCommerce rat-race.

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