Big Challenges Snapdeal Dealt With In Its Journey [Kunal Bahl Of Snapdeal]

We have been carrying a series of interviews with Kunal Bahl of Snapdeal, in which he talks about the various aspects of the Snapdeal journey. In part 1 he talks about the fragmentation of the Indian ecommerce space and the evolution of it so far. In part 2 he talks about the growing ecommerce pie in India and the concept of customer loyalty in the space. In part 3 he talks about what is NEXTBIGWHAT for Snapdeal and some of the key parameters and metric, to measure the growth of an ecommerce company.

In this final part of the interview series,Kunal talks about some of the big challenges Snapdeal faced growing up and some tips for entrepreneurs based on the current funding situation in India.

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