Soap Opera : HUL Teaches A Few Lessons In Customer Service to Snapdeal

A customer ordered Samsung device from Snapdeal and he ended up with a Vim soap.

Snapdeal : What's Inside Samsung Box?
Snapdeal : What’s Inside Samsung Box?
Wow!! VIM. [Dho Dala]
Wow!! VIM. [Dho Dala]
And while Snapdeal went on to rectify the issue, what HUL (makers of Vim) did is simply brilliant.
They sent a Samsung device to the person with a note:

“The pictures you posted online show that our brand was used in this incident. Vim is one of our iconic brands with some great consumer franchise. We felt bad about it, not to mention what you went through. Here is a small gesture from our side to cheer you up.”


Dho daala?

This is how you win the Internet (and customers) !! (and by the way, HUL has some interesting plans when it comes to digital web).

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