Of Aamir Khan Episode And This is How Badly Snapdeal Was Impacted

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Of Aamir Khan Episode And This is How Badly Snapdeal Was Impacted

Was Snapdeal impacted by the Aamir khan episode? The only way to answer that is by looking at data – so here is it (we waited for the Nov data to show up on appannie).


Take a look at 1 star reviews in November which are unusually high (because of Aamir episode) – which essentially means that a lot of people just came and rated Snapdeal 1 star (and not necessarily downloaded and voted 1 star as part of natural cycle).


Also, the number of 5 star reviews will give you a fair indication of regular traffic.

In October, Snapdeal received 9278 5 stars vs only 5382 in November. This clearly indicates a drop of almost 40%. One safe assumption is that Aamir episode would not have impacted 5 star reviews as even supporters of Aamir Khan wouldn’t come and rate Snapdeal five stars except few twitter/FB fans who want to show off (or some paid gigs).

Having said, this can also translate to loss of love(?).

To Summarize:

1. Aamir episode badly impacted Snapdeal ratings in November.

2. 1 Star ratings increased by 3.2x from Oct

3. Week of 22 nov alone added many 1 star reviews

4. Overall downloads are definitley down by 30-40%.

5. 5 Star ratings went down by 40%.

What about sales? Well, your guess is as good as ours !

Comments (3)

  1. Rajesh B

    It is not what Snapdeal has lost… they may regain it in next one year or so…. What they lost here a good opportunity by not encashing this moment, simply by distancing from their ambassador

    Snapdeal otherwise in my opinion is a No1 portal for buyer, may be for sellers as well. I am sure if they maintain their commitment and service levels they would soon recover the lost ground

  2. Great work, Rupesh ! Can we use this data (for another post)?

  3. I have also noted down the App data during the incident and retrieved historical data from web archive. Let me know what you derive from this data.


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