bigMobility: 30% of Snapdeal Orders Come from Mobile Traffic

Online marketplace Snapdeal is saying that nearly 30% of its orders are being placed over mobile phones, the trend has witnessed 10 times growth in the last 12 months.

According to data that Snapdeal put out, 75% of the mobile based transactions involve cash on delivery and 25% are prepaid transactions. Most users come form metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Nearly 80% of Snapdeal’s mobile traffic comes organically, i.e. visitors come directly to the marketplace and not through mobile ads. Over 60% of visitors through the mobile are new to Snapdeal, the company said. 

Top selling categories over m-commerce

    1. Mobiles
    2. Men’s Apparel
    3. Women’s Apparel
    4. Pen drives & memory cards
    5. Men’s Footwear

Most popular browsers are Stock Android, Opera Mini, Chrome and UC. These browsers contribute to 86% of visits & 91% of orders.Snapdeal Mobile Traffic (1)

Android is the most popular operating system accounting for 71% of the traffic followed by iOS at 12% of the traffic.

Snapdeal Mobile Traffic (2)

Samsung dominates the mobile traffic share from the various handset brands at 42%, followed by Nokia, Apple and Micromax. Snapdeal Mobile Traffic (3)

The bigMobility trend we have been talking about is underway. Here are some other key stats and insights you need to know from our research.

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