Alright, There Is A Village in UP That Decided to Rename Itself Nagar

We earlier brought to your notice, a Facebook/Twitter chatwala, the famous Google Gola and has trumped them all with a real Snapdeal nagar in UP. That is, Snapdeal has adopted a village called Shiv Nagar, in Uttar Pradesh.


The initiative, which is first of its kind in this space, will involve partnering with the village in developing its infrastructure and basic amenities. To begin with, Snapdeal is resolving the foremost issue of unavailability of portable drinking water in the area by installing water pumps.


Subsequently, Snapdeal will extend support to the local school and hospital as well.  In appreciation of Snapdeal’s efforts for Shiv Nagar, the residents have decided to rename the village to “ Nagar”.

Marketing Gimmick Or CSR?

A first of its kind in India and like me, if you think this is a marketing gimmick, I’d still say hats off to Snapdeal team:

a. for supporting 1 village (and we believe this is for real), and

b. using lateral thinking to drive the CSR activities.

The Snapdeal Story

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