Aamir Khan Makes A Political Statement; Snapdeal Starts Receiving 1 Star Ratings #AppWapsi

Joining the intolerance debate, Aamir khan yesterday made an extremely provocative statement that he felt “alarmed” by a number of incidents and that his wife Kiran Rao even suggested that they should leave the country.

While politicians are battling in favor vs. against, Snapdeal is facing the brunt of Aamir’s statement.[pullquote float=’RIGHT’ color=’#FFF’ bgcolor=’#cc0000′]Appwapsi I’m intolerant #aamirtweet[/pullquote]

Aamir khan is Snapdeal’s brand ambassador and users are now flocking to Play store and giving 1 star rating to Snapdeal app; and are asking Snapdeal to remove Aamir as the brand ambassador.


 he felt "alarmed" by a number of incidents and that his wife Kiran Rao even suggested that they should leave the country.
Snapdeal Gets 1 Star Rating

Some of the comments include:

No Deal with Snapdeal bcoz Gaddar Aamir is there !!!!

Uninstalled your app in protest of your brand ambassador Aamir khan

Please tell your brand ambassador to apologize for his remark on India being Intolerant

I don’t want to do any purchase on Snapdeal as long as Amir Khan is your brand ambassador

uninstalled the app we love you snapdeal but not your ambassador AK i will return when snapdeal kick him out so sorry won’t purchase please everyone boycott these type of antiindians

Update from Snapdeal: ‘We don’t endorse Aamir’s statement’; Garners Support From Sachin Bansal

For now, enjoy this shayri !



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  1. snap deal team plz through out Amir khan Bhadve ko sala Harami hai deshdrohi hai. nahi to hum apke snap deal ko ram ram karenge.

  2. Amir. Salman sharukh all are bastards we indian r making them rich for years we must stop watching ther Movies

  3. Tum sabko itna hi apne desh ki padi hai toh go and join army!

    Yaha baatein chodne se na bachche paida hote hai, na fauji aur naa hi TOLERANT politicians or actors…

    It is our birthright…to crib..crib about women empowerment and then argue about their endangering…crib about riots and then argue over religion…

    There is no religion… It is all man made B.S….follow humanity..there is no religion or caste or creed or group, greater than that!

  4. Dear sister Mai aapki soch ki dad detahi. Ke ye kehneki aapne himmat aur jurrat ki kyunki aapke gharme koi Hindu Muslim dange me nahak maara nahi gaya hi aur naahi terrorist hamale me mara gaya ho. Tabhi to aap ye sab keh paarahi ho. Terrorist Muslim Hi hote Hi naaki Hindu aur in Khan heroes ne jiske liye fansi rokne ki mang ki wo ek deshdrohi aur terrorist tha uska naam Yakub Meman tha to aap uske baare me kya kahengi aur in sub ke baad shahrukh aur amir Bol rahe hi ki desh unke liye surkshit nahi hi to unhone ek hi kaam karna hi ye desh chhodo kyunki tumjaise namakharamo ki hame koi jarurat nahi hi.

  5. All these type persons are illegal funding agent of terrorist. Who earned billion in India and say they feel insecure here. Our government should through these dogs out of our country with out there will.

  6. AAmir is having short memory loss he is a stupid creature
    i advice him instantly leave this country and live any where let’s see how will he survive over there .
    ullla ke pattha

  7. once think about kashmiri pandit. tab nahi dikha usko intolerance. 1984 ke dange hua to nahi tha intolerance . comment dene se pahle homework karlo mam.

  8. Bcause Gaurav we Indians are emotional lot. We believe only in what our hero says. If hero contradicts another hero then powerful hero should be backed. In this case Modi. Modi said something and these people are thinking something else. How many of these so called Indian national lovers are replying from outside India? How many have people who are residing in India have their relatives outside India? And they speak of love towards India.

  9. Where do you think is the defamation here? When you guys said Congress is looting India, was it not defamation? When India lost to Oz, all of us cursed Indian team, was it not defamation? On one end we are saying, we are tolerant BUT on the other hand we are cursing those who speak the truth. Where is the tolerance?

  10. Who are you kidding? It is snapdeal, not ali express or Amazon… wait wait, make in India concept right? And teri cheddi sey lekar shoes thak sab India ki bahar ban thi hai. Uthar key phek daal.

  11. You can pretty much say to US, Canadian, Australia, NZ, French and many countries’ heads too. But think Rajesh, did Aamir say Modi is responsible? You are so shamelessly saying thousands of farmers suicide. Yet you wanna say there is no intolerance? Farmers suicide because of companies like Mon Santo who bought India over. And you wanna speak so highly of the present state of the country.

  12. Man!!! First you learn how to write. Then you can talk. If not, Hindi mey baath kar. Read word by word about what Aamir had to say. Yes, this is the same country where a 4 year old is raped. You call this a country? First accept facts then talk. India is a great country like any other. But facts cannot be ignored.

  13. Modi key madari bangaye sab. Chutye ban ne ke liye bhi ready. Cannot believe these morons. This has nothing to do about Modi sir or about BJP or Congress or Pappu or Mannu. We need to realize we have a huge problem in India. We do not look upon a lady as a human. Yes. We. No point opposing this statement because we are all basically maniacs who monger for fight, power, sex and money. Aamir truly said it. Amitabh few years back slapped Mumbai people on their faces saying, do not put brave faces. Understand you have problem, feel fear and work on it. Aamir said Kiran said this, but he was not willing to quit. I would say he is a true hero. Go back home and think, if you had visa to even a muslim country like UAE, what would you do? You would run first to that place.

  14. Then ban Swachch Bharat Campaign. Wait he also endorsed Athithi Devo Bhava which we never followed but let us ban that too.

  15. Watevr may b the reasn we dnt care …. nobody in d world hs d ryt to say anythng wrong abt d country…. got it…. u better understand

  16. He is worried about his current wife and child. Is he not worried about his earlier wife and children. Are they safe in India? Aamir seems to be too selfish guy.—-GOOD POINT!
    Ignore these illiterates! If they do not need India, India does not need them too.

  17. Aamir is an isi perfectionist….. he wl say all is well…. bt he dont knw abt indians…. they knw how to screw pakistani perfectionist

  18. Hey anu…. why u are insulting suwar …. even suwar wl also get ashamed wen suwar wl come to knw that they r gettng compared wid aamir khan

  19. Wah re Indians….jab chaha sar pe bitha liya aur jab chaha effigy jala diya. Kuch toh sharam karo dosto. U people r making d hell out of it. He said anything n widout actually knowing d reason behind it we d great good for nothing patriots r saying rubbish. Its actually u people who divide Indians into hindus n muslims. Instead do ur our business n help dis coutry rise.

  20. Hey aamir khan …. mr n mrs … imperfectionist….. we wer nt knwing dat u dont even respect the country in which you had become a popular person…. we didn’t xpectd all such kind of shameless behaviour from u n ur family after being a part of indian cinemas…. such as rang de basanti, lagaan, one of our freedom fighter Mangal Pandey. U should be thrown out of the country n should nt allowed to work in our country for which u hd given a statement…. u might understand hindi ryt mr.imperfectionist khan ….. its only 4u n ur kiraaaaaan “wo kya kisi ka hoga …. jo apne dharti maa ka na ho saka….. ?

  21. @Zakeer hussain bhai,

    Bhai aap jaise logon ki wajah se hi islam ki neev mazboot hai.

    Allah aapko sallamat rakhe

  22. how dare to say this, thousands farmer sucide in Maharashtra and India never rise question, but u rise only because Modi is pm, Your luck is good you are india otherwise you may be in jail, if u insulting your Country and PM

  23. Yup… their hisband -wife conversation should have remained inside walls.. not for public consumption… wash karne ke liye le aaya to dula denge… Comments like this on prime time are unfair…

  24. हाथ में लड्डू, मुँह में पान…….

    सुअर का बच्चा आमिर खान ।

    ठोको ताली……

  25. Simple, last chance, either you love India or immediately leave India. Lest here too you people become a fanatic hate object.

  26. He has bigger impact and reach…hamare muslim bhaiyon ko bhadkane wale waise bhi bahut hai….us par ye bhi bolenge to galat msg jata hai

  27. Why snapdeal is not making any efforts to get apology, they should stop funding to Amir and get rid of the trouble…it will be win for united nation.

  28. You are one of those dumb people who has not seen the video where he has said all that and just following the herd where the media has misconstrued what he has said. He talks about a conversation between a husband and wife where the wife, after reading the newspaper is depressed and they are just talking.

    How dumb can you get!

  29. Wah bhai, man khush kar diya aapne ye bol ke…muslim bhaiyon ka Amir ke against react karna zaroori hai is mudde pe kam se kam

  30. now if people are protesting they become dumb?? what a hypocrite u r. if some people are requesting snap deal by the way of protest and asking snap deal if they support their brand ambassador’s view, do they become dumb?? Actually u r hypocrite. If he has a right to speak up his mind then common man have also the freedom to speak up their mind. If people are doing # appwapsi y are u intolerant. they are not harming anybody. They are just peacefully protesting.

  31. Ohh, you are so dumb. If he has a right to speak up his mind then common man have also the freedom to speak up their mind. If people are doing # appwapsi y are u intolerant. they are not harming anybody. They are just peacefully protesting.

  32. Amir Khan is AMIR KHAN BX OF INDIA.on what perspective he has given remark ok intolerant? Our Indian soldiers are dying fighting for their safety night and day this is due to intolerance of Pakistan and not in India… Why can’t he share a part of earning with the families of soldier who had died????

  33. All is well.
    Mom never get angry at her son, say sorry to your mother.

    Snapdeal please tell him to take some rest and arrange a trip for him to a safe country any other planet.

    All is well

  34. We are proud Indian, all these pup who have this stupid debate of intolerance for their personal goals have forgotten the national interest.. I request all Indian to come together & raise a new debate of tolerance ” our/Indians biggest tolerance is tolerating their stupid comments”

    Let’s come together..

    Proud tolerant Indian

  35. Sorry snapdeal team, if u r financing these kinds of anti indians ‘sale jis thali me khate hain wohi thukte hain’ to main aapka app uninstall kar raha hun aur meri nazar main aap bhi use paise deke india ka naam kharab karne me uski madat kar rahe ho. I promise u ke mere sabhi dost snapdeal ka bahiskar kare. Jai hind

  36. Irr respective of the government either bjp or congress doesn’t matter for India who is ruling, but defaming India is really unacceptable, our leaders are building India with brick by brick,but with these ir responsible coments India’s image will hit very badly. I protest this with stronger terms. snapdeal should look for better ambassador is better for your survival.

  37. Aamir ji u should say sorry behalf of kiran.
    If a family have many problems in the same way nation have many.
    we hindu muslim and others are like a family members if anything happened we should sit and discuss each together.
    hum paida huye hai india me aur marrenge is mitti mein.
    no one should question.

  38. ok pakistan and isalmic nation are for muslims ,christ countries like eroupe rome are for christians ,buddhisht countries are for buddhist , hindu countries are not for hindus they are for everyone . after some time ..when muslim will overtook india population .then u will say ya allah india is not for hindus

  39. No no one is going to Pakistan. India is not for Hindus. India is for everyone. If your tiny brain can’t wrap that, then get the f out of this country.

  40. Actually, Amir Khan ‘s wife feels insecure because he makes such insensiible statements and makes insensitive movies like PK.
    But Mr. Khan, rest assured , we Indians will not lose our cool in spite of your provocAtive remarks because we are basically tolerant.

  41. If india is intolerant, he should try living in pakistan (his beloved country). He will understand the real meaning of intolerance then….bet he will be begging on his knees to india to take him back. Through him out of india..

  42. If minorities have threat in bjp govt…let them go to Pakistan, when the talibanis attack their school and children they will come to know abt real threat, every films of amit,shahrukh,Salman khan should be banned in India, its Hindus who made these traitors kings of Indian cinema, they can’t insult our country.

  43. This is stupidity, what has Snapdeal to do with Amir’s statement, and Amir is kind of right because the minority is just not safe under bjp rule, instead of fighting against ecommerce sites and celebrities why don’t we fight against the government, to safeguard people and nt roam around world and pay for other countries.

  44. I think u dont know that comments of such people influence other people a lot, so careful commenting should be made, this is a mattern of concern, but aamir like people, even knowing that their comment will start a row of comments and politics and disturb the atmisphere of nation, then also they stir conflict and that is intolerable, and not our country.. For money he says Atithi Devo Bhava, for TRP he says Satyamev Jayate.. And actually for our country he says.. Intolerant India.. Bullshit

  45. well did u say the same thing when u started buying from snapdeal due to aamir’s reputation and his promotion?

  46. Let us all Indians bycott the products endorsed by Aamir Khan and the movies he make. India and Indian made him a star and he is criticizing India. Does he think that Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afganistan, US are more tolerant than India. If so, he is free to go there. He never criticized when Kashmiri Pandits were thrown out. He never spoke when many bomb blast were done by the sleeper cells in India. He never spoke when the nation was being looted by crores of scandals etc. etc. According to him things became intolerant just in 7-8 months. He is after all a bloody anti Indian even though he
    did serials like Satyamev Jayate.

    Another question to Aamir khan. He is worried about his current wife and child. Is he not worried about his earlier wife and children. Are they safe in India? Aamir seems to be too selfish guy.

  47. ppl are not dump .Because of ppl only he is a super star. We luv our nation that’s why we are worrying…

  48. We like snapdeal nd iI Ihope it will flourish bt mean time the brand ambassador will change soon to increase your sell or vice versa

  49. Omg,, whey are people so dumb?? And people are actually proving his point. Why are people so intolerant. It’s his opinion.. He also has freedom of speech , as you do..

  50. People are stupid no doubt, otherwise they will not be listening n fighting on the Comments / Utterances of VAIN N ARROGANT guys, whether Politicians or other so-called Celebrities.

    Retuning to the above case, you may see that, corporates like Snapdeal wl see that the Great n Mighty r broughthe down to size. You can see that they are only concerned that their respective businesses prosper.

  51. It is actually one of the better ways of protesting by common people. Snapdeal pays hims big money and its customers are sending it a message.

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