bigMobility : Snapdeal Launches An App For Sellers [Mobile Managed Marketplace]

Called ‘Snapdeal Seller Zone’, this is India’s first ever mobile managed online marketplace app for sellers, as claimed by Snapdeal.

Snapdeal has launched an app for sellers enabling them to manage their inventory online.

Called ‘Snapdeal Seller Zone’, this is India’s one of the first mobile managed online marketplace app for sellers,

Snapdeal's Seller App
Snapdeal’s Seller App

Featured offered by app include ;

1. Check and manage inventory and pricing of your products listed on
2. Easily monitor your competitor’s prices and match them with a single touch
3. Monitor your out of stock products and take actions to avoid sales loss
4. Add your fast moving products to favourite list for your quick reference and better manageability
5. Register on Snapdeal as a seller and start selling in no time

The Case For bigMobility

Snapdeal receives 50% of its orders from mobile. Competitor Flipkart aims to become a m-commerce company by 2016. Few insights from Snapdeal’s mobile app shopping :

  • 45% of the transactions seen on mobile come through the native applications while the remaining 55% come through the mobile site.
  • 20% of all app users open the Snapdeal app every day.
  • Android is the more popular operating system accounting for 80% followed by iOS at 20%
  • The average ticket size of orders place through the mobile apps is higher than those placed through the mobile site.
  • Fashion and home related products are most popular amongst customers buying over mobile owing to the impulsive buying patterns for these products.
Snapdeal's App For Sellers
Snapdeal’s App For Sellers

Being a pure-play marketplace, this is an interesting take by Snapdeal on bringing mobility to sellers. While most of the other companies like Flipkart are largely focused on creating a competitive environment for sellers (i.e. cheapest pricing), Snapdeal’s focus on providing a mobile solution to sellers is definitely an interesting move.

Maybe, this calls for more such SAAS solutions for ecommerce sellers?

Snapdeal's Mobile Managed Marketplace
Snapdeal’s Mobile Managed Marketplace

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