Snapdeal Launches Smartfeed Personalization Feature for Shoppers

Snapdeal has launched “Smartfeed,” a personal shopping guide for its customers. The feature comes from an integration of Doozton, a product discovery platform which Snapdeal had acquihired and its own recommendation engine.

Smartfeed has two personalized features – Shopping Ideas and Trending Now. ‘Shopping Ideas’ is a product discovery platform built on Hadoop. ‘Trending Now’ analyses user visits across the catalog in real time, the company said.

Smartfeed provides users personalized shopping ideas and a trending list of products which are popular on the platform and relevant for the specific user.

Shopping Ideas considers all the user interactions of the users across the 5 million catalog size and finally recommends over 1000 products to the user based on their personalized interests, similar user classification, current purchase trends and future behavior prediction.

These features currently covers 20% of the Snapdeal userbase.

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