How Twitter Trends Are Created [Snapdeal’s Paid Gig]

This is how Snapdeal is creating a Twitter trend in order to make up for the loss over Aamir khan’s controversial statement.

This the email Snapdeal has been sending to *social media influencers* and asking them to do a minimum of 17 tweets (everything is math, you see !); and assumably paying for the whole campaign.

Snapdeal's Paid Twitter Trends
Snapdeal’s Paid Twitter Trends

[Via/orig tweet]

And the result?

#SnapdealForIndia is trending in India and here are some samples of (paid) tweets:

Is it fair? Well, what’er happened to Snapdeal wasn’t fair – so…

What’s your take?


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  1. what an amateur post by your team. This is called influencer marketing and is very popular in the west. It is now catching up in India, so instead of showing it in bad light.. do some research (atleast google on influencer marketing) and you will find that all big brands use them!

  2. I don’t think anything wrong with it. Every individual is posting in their individual capacity. Also, they have every right to do whats right for their business. Its utterly wrong to throw snapdeal under the bus, as its also creating economy for lot of small business whose things they are helping to sell, people who deliver, work there, commute there. Its all shared economy.

  3. Yes, I read Newspaper today and explained about how snapdeal App wapasi programme running on social media.and so many social bad comments given there.

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