SneakCast joins the short-circuit pool?

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SneakCast joins the short-circuit pool?

SneakCast, the video search engine launched 6 months back (profiled earlier), looks like has joined the short-circuit pool.

The front page reads:

*//Highly Inflammable!

We are happy to inform you that Sneakcast has been termed as ‘the above…’ by our team of researchers and our harmless developers.

Sneakcast, even before its official launch has garnered mind-boggling accolades. We would like to thank you and everyone who is attached to Sneakcast (even the janitor).

Not sure what does this mean – a temporary halt (and an expected overhaul)? Or a permanent shutdown?

I have emailed Utkarsh for more details and will update the post when I hear back from him.

Till then, SneakCast joins the short-circuit pool.
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