Social Clusters on Facebook. What do you want – More Clusters or Friends?

Social Graph is a facebook application that gives you a deeper/additional insight about your network of friends. The application relates your friends (and your friend’s friends, who are common to both of you) together, and throws up different social clusters or groups that you belong to.

Social Cluster
Social Cluster / SocialGraph of Facebook - Is it Different from Twitter?

For example, the screengrab above shows the various clusters that I am a part of. There is a separate cluster of college friends, another one of my friends from school, colleagues from a previous company, and so on.

My cluster of school friends is disjointed from my cluster of office colleagues. So, yes, I have no one in common here. The clusters of my colleagues are fairly close to each other and there a few who know each other across. Hmm! That’s pretty insightful!

The developer blog states that –

“In the work and life balancing game, the person with the biggest number of clusters, and not the person with the biggest number of friends, wins.”

And it is true. Is it not?

So, how many clusters do you have? And what did you infer from them?

Also, how different is your twitter social graph from Facebook? Would love to understand.

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