MunchWithus Provides Social Dining Network [Never Eat Alone]

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MunchWithus Provides Social Dining Network [Never Eat Alone]

MunchWithUs is a social dining network that brings people together over tasting menus at top restaurants. The idea behind Muchwithus is to build friendship over food at your favorite restaurants and importantly, have informal conversations flowing.

MunchWithUs partners with high-quality restaurants that agree to offer discounted pre-fix meals and you can use the site to reserve your seatch to either meet new people or meet someone special (celebrity et al) or even plan your own group meal.


For instance, the Bangalore based startup has currently launchedLunch with Alok Mittal (Canaan Partners)’ that costs Rs. 2,500 (proceedings go to Akshaya Patra Foundation), inviting entrepreneurs and others to meet Alok for lunch (aside, we appreciate Alok’s openness towards being an early adopter of the site).

Somewhat based on Grubwithus model, Munchwithus concept can potentially evolve into a big play by simply connecting the dots and helping people ‘move forward’ in their career/venture. For instance, there is potentially big money in enterprise version of this concept, after all there are enough ‘VIPs’ in corporate world too.

To start off, the site needs to convince more big shots/VIPs to offer their time (for lunch) and target the audience that is willing to pay to meet these VIPs.  Maybe there is a way to reverse the game – i.e. have people vote for their favorite VIPs and have VIP pay to meet his/her fans? I don’t know! But for sure, there is a need for informal business meetups and Muchwithus can potentially provide that opportunity.

How much would you pay to meet a VIP/celebrity (for lunch) you always wanted to meet?

Aside, Silicon Valley based LetsLunch too is launching in India.

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