Social Entrepreneurship – Meet the Inspiring Heroes/Social Entrepreneurs

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Social Entrepreneurship – Meet the Inspiring Heroes/Social Entrepreneurs

Our topical theme, Social Entrepreneurship has been one of the most interesting and inspiring areas that we have covered in the recent times.

Here are a couple of videos we have collated for you:

Amitabha Sadangi, Businessman turned Social Entrepreneur

Amitabha Sadangi’s vision is to empower the rural poor with affordable, sustainable agricultural technologies. He has been a leader in creating an Indian strategy and organization to disseminate technologies developed by International Development Enterprises (India).

Foot treadle irrigation pumps and low-cost drip systems introduced by IDE (India) have helped 400,000 families double their income, a net gain of more than $40 million per year. A signature element of the IDE (India) strategy is a “supply chain” of local manufacturers, distributors and installers who earn $1 million annually. IDE (India) has sold irrigation systems to the poorest families for as little as $1, enabling them to have more food and earn more money and, thus, afford better health care and education.

Social Entrepreneurs: Pioneering Social Change

Harish Hande, Social Entrepreneur

57 percent of the population in India has no electric light, and many would be unable to afford regular electricity even if it were available. But Harish Hande is working to improve the situation. He set up a company called Selco in Bangalore, which now supplies some 80 000 people with solar power.

Bill Drayton of Ashoka Foundation

Dr. Muhammad Younus on the Gramin Bank (Lecture series)

Frankly, we just scratched the surface – there are many untold stories, unheard heroes that needs to be covered. So, please suggest us social ventures/entrepreneurs that you believe should be profiled at

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