Mumbai based PaxPlay Wants to Make Mobile Gaming More Social

PaxPlay--logoFew months ago, updates from Candy Crush Saga were flooding my Facebook timeline. This got me intrigued and I downloaded the game. I’ve been hooked ever since. Now I know how the maker of the game King gets almost $ 5 million in revenues a day.

The game in its primary concept is similar to many others out there. Like you choose similar colored objects and make them disappear. But what makes it different is the deep social interaction where you compete with friends and seek help from them to get more lives and unlock levels.

Mumbai based PaxPlay wants to capitalize on this trend. The cross-platform game company focuses on “social user interactions”. The company is currently made up of 5 IIT Bombay graduates who hope to create friendships through deep use of social networks in games.

While most games these days do have leaderboards, the way PaxPlay is trying to stand out in the crowd is by increasing social interaction in games by building turn based arcade games, allowing users to send free lives/gems/gifts to friends on a daily basis and also creating group events in games like competitions or tournaments.

Hungry Hamster


The first game developed by PaxPlay is Hungry Hamster which has seen over 60,000 downloads within just 10 weeks. The game is currently available only for Android and is still a beta version with very basic features.

Hungry Hamsters in its current form is a touch based arcade action game where a user has to direct as much food as possible to a hamster. There are a number of adventurous modes in the game to keep it exciting which include dark mode, slow mode, reverse mode etc. The game is challenging and involves a bit of thinking to get through the different puzzles. While kids will find this game most interesting because of the graphics, users of all ages will kind the game intriguing. If you have played Fruit Ninja you are going to find this very similar.

In the coming weeks the team plans to add both in-app as well as basic social media integration for the game. After they complete this they will be working on an iOS as well as a Windows Phone version.

In future PaxPlay plans to release a paid version of the game as well different versions based on geographies or festivals. We definitely see this as a good strategy since it worked quite well for Rovio with its Angry Bird variations and kept users engaged.

According to IDATE which released a study about social gaming on the global scale, at the end of 2012 the social gaming market accounted for 36% of the online gaming market and 13% of the overall video game market. In 2016 its share is expected to rise to 46% of the online gaming market and 18% of the overall video game market. It is expected to be a $7.49 billion industry this year itself.

The company definitely has a great road map ahead but what will be key is the perfect implementation so that they can get and retain users.

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