The Social Login Battle: Facebook is Crushing it & Yahoo is Losing it


The Social Login Battle: Facebook is Crushing it & Yahoo is Losing it

In the world of social logins, Facebook is killing it. The social networking site is quickly becoming THE online identity provider for a lot of people and services. In the process, it is slowly finishing off rivals like Yahoo!

Folks at Gigya, the social media tool company found in its latest quarterly social login report that Facebook continued to grow as an online identity provider whereas Yahoo continued to lose its share. Google+ is giving Facebook a fair fight.

Between January- March, Gigya’s report found that Facebook powered 58% of the social logins while Google trailed behind at 28% followed by Yahoo at 13% and Twitter at 4%. LinkedIn was at a paltry 1%.


On Mobile, with so many Android devices around, one would expect Google+ to win. But, nope! Facebook is crushing it here as well with 62% of mobile logins. Google & Google+ was at 26%, Twitter at 6% and Yahoo at 4%.

Gigya 2

A whopping 77% of e-commerce logins identities were provided by Facebook and 47% of logins on media/ publisher sites were using Facebook. Facebook dominated in other categories like consumer brands (67%), Travel/ Hospitallity (65%) and Education/ Non-profit (80%).

Gigya 3

Folks at Login Radius (a login service provider) have come up with a similar report and the results are similar. According to their report, 49% of users prefer logging in with Facebook on a website; Google+ is preferred by 29%, Twitter by 6% and Yahoo! by 4%.

Login Radius 1

Facebook is chosen by 55% of websites as a social login provider; Google and Twitter each are chosen by 37%. Logging in with social accounts is gaining popularity on mobile devices, but 84% of adoption is driven by PC & Mac.

Login Radius 3

Other findings

  • Login Radius also found that Male users are 12% more likely to use social accounts for logging in to a website than female users.
  • Users under the age of 35 are more likely to use social login than older users.
  • Male social login users are 15% more likely to return to a website than a female social login user.
  • Older users are more likely to return to a website than younger users.
  • Vkontakte users, on average, return to a website 18 times per year; Twitter users return 10 times and Google+ users return 9 times.
  • Facebook has 53% of sharing activities. Google, Twitter, and Email respectively have 11%, 10%, and 6%.
  • Facebook is maintaining its position with around 50% of all social logins.Google+ has increased their market share to 29%, while Yahoo! has fallen to 4%.

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