NCR based tagNpin brings social loyalty to ecommerce sites and offline retailers

tagNpin is social loyalty program that integrates seamlessly with ecommerce websites/retail stores and social platforms like Facebook to increase brand visibility and drive customer loyalty and sales through social sharing.logo-tagnpin tagNpin provides loyalty program as a service to all merchants on a single platform. Merchants have complete flexibility to change the rules of loyalty program anytime/anywhere as well as the liberty to pick or change loyalty partners anytime.

The NCR based startup provides complete solution that includes Facebook tab plugin, Website plugin, HTML5 app, Merchant Store dashboard for retail stores, and APIs.

How does tagNpin work?
Custumers earn loyalty points not only for purchases and recommendation, but also for social activities like sharing, commenting, liking and inviting friends. Customers get discount coupons in exchange for points earned through such hyperlocal social marketing. With tagNpin, users need not carry any loyalty cards and they can track all their redeem and purchase history in the tagnpin portal.

For Ecommerce sites, tagNpin installs a loyalty tab on Facebook fan page. Users earn points for social activities like likes, comments, share, and invite friends. Also, loyalty program can be integrated into the ecommerce site with few lines of code and companies can assign points to user activity on the site.

For offline retailers, tagNpin works as a loyalty point system at PoS and integrates well with retailer’s social activity as well. In terms of future plans, the company plans to leverage technologies like QR code and NFC to make the service even more seamless.

Watch this intro video

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