YouSuggest – Social Suggestion Box for Brands

If you are a brand, you cannot ignore your users anymore. You need to reach out to them, collect feedback from them and most importantly, collect fresh ideas from people.

YouSuggest is a Delhi based startup that enables brands to collect social suggestions/ideas from users (crowdsourcing of ideas) – the platform is delivered as SaaS platform and offers services like private/public forums etc at a price range of $19 — $599/month.

While the idea seems good, YouSuggest needs to go beyond Digg styled voting – companies are going beyond DIgg-styled forums to collect ideas. Major brands have already embraced twitter and a simple ‘I want this feature’ needs to be replaced by bringing in more product attributes that users can collectively define.

Qns for brands – wouldn’t you like to host a page like this on your own site (or maybe, getsatisfaction?)

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