Social Media Martekting Vs Search Marketing [50% say Social Media has impacted Search Engine Marketing]

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing are definitely the two most popularly used methods of online marketing. While there are many differences between search marketing and social media, both have their share of pros and cons. It is the objective which determines which method of marketing to use.

What is interesting is, when combined together, the power of the two increases exponentially and works best in achieving goals. I am sharing a very interesting infographic created by MDG Advertising. It distinguishes between the two types of online marketing but also takes into account the combined power of the two.

Search Marketing

Search seems to be more effective when the objective is to achieve better lead generation at lower costs. 41% B2C companies and almost 57% B2B companies say Search Marketing is better than Social Media for generating leads.

Search also wins when trying to increase business visibility. 36% consumers rely on search engines to find businesses as compared to only about 1-3% on social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social marketing wins when it comes to creating greater brand exposure and awareness.

Also Social Media is fast becoming more popular method of interactive marketing. 65% of businesses use Social Media to achieve interactive marketing.

What Happens When We Combine Both?

Today, marketers are realizing that combining these digital dynamos can lead to the greatest results of all. There is hardly a distinct line of separation between the two today. Social networks are adding search features while search engines going social.  53% of marketers agree that Social signals (Tweets, Google +1s) will impact their SEO strategies and we have to harness the power of both to come out ahead as a clear winner.

[Source: MDG Advertising]

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