Employee referral meets Social Media with Zalp for recruiters

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Employee referral meets Social Media with Zalp for recruiters

With social media like Linkedin and Facebook disrupting the way people interact, the world of hiring, is changing fast. Social hiring is the in thing now. Startups like HireRabbit, Whistle Talk, My Parichay and Hire Plug (now shut) have been trying to harness the power of social media to make hiring easier and faster.

On social media, getting employees to refer friends, share jobs and acting on the referrals, shortlisting, hiring and finally closing the loop by paying the referral bonus to the employee can be a messy process. To simplify this, Pebstone, a technology startup backed by procurement solutions company Zycus, has launched a new product called Zalp.

Zalp is a cloud based recruitment solution which helps companies source candidates through employee referrals. The interesting bit is the social media integration and analytics features that comes with it.ZalpHow does it work?

Being cloud based, the solution is easy to deploy. Once a company signs up, a login ID is created for the head of human resources. The login can be used to on board other employees to the system. On boarding employees is simple, as it lets you import employees from an excel sheet or even the company’s native recruitment software. All employees receive an email once they are added to the system and can sign up to see the job listings.

A recruiter can list details of the job along with the amount of referral bonus using a web based form. All employees can see the listed jobs. Employees who have signed up, can link their Linkedin and Facebook profile to the system. When an employee finds a job suitable for a friend, all they have to do is refer their Linkedin or Facebook profile to the system. An alert is sent out to the recruiter as well as the referred candidate who can choose to apply or ignore. If the candidate applies for the job, the candidates public social profile is sent to the recruiter who then takes it to the next step. If the candidate is hired, the employee who referred the candidate is paid and the loop is closed.

Employees can also choose to share the job on their social media profiles. If someone applies through a job posting shared by an employee on their social media profile, the employee is paid the referral money.

Existing social recruitment solutions in the US and developed markets take care of some of these aspects already. However, the startup stands a good chance not only because it’s backed by Zycus, a 1000 employee company with strong client relationship, but also because there aren’t too many such solutions in the market right now. On the other hand, employees might not be comfortable sharing their social media credentials on a software run by the company’s Human Resources division.

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