Social Media Vs. Email? Research Suggests Spending On Social Won’t Deliver RoI

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Social Media Vs. Email? Research Suggests Spending On Social Won’t Deliver RoI

Brands have spent millions of dollars buying Likes. And the result? Well, they have likes. But no engagement.
Only 0.07% of fans interact with the brand through posts on Facebook!Social Media
According to a new study conducted by Forrester Research and the reports following it, social media websites are not as much of an effective medium for brands to communicate with their fans. The reason for this being that most posts are not delivered to the fans and even lesser number of fans interacts with brand posts on social media websites.
Facebook’s latest announcement to cut down on organic posts by brands that do not pay for FB marketing starting from January 2015, will reduce post reach and visibility drastically (Nate Elliot, research analyst at Forrester Research).
According to an Ogilvy research conducted earlier this year, only 2% of a brand’s fans are reached through posts on Facebook. The study also noted that the number falls by 0.5% every month.  The recent Forrester research also found out that only 0.07% of fans interact with the brand through posts on Facebook.
A simple way to create more engagement with fans for a brand is to create brand communities on the brand website itself. The study also proves that among US adults, fans interact with a brand 3 times more through their website as compared to doing it through Facebook pages. Branded communities also create a connection between consumers.

Email Vs. Social Media?

Brands should communicate with their fans over emails as compared to social media posts as mails have a 90% chance of being delivered to consumers as compared to social media posts that reach only 2% of the fans. Also there are no content restrictions on what can be put on the mails as compared to social media platforms that have strict regulations. The study shows that US adults prefer to communicate through a brand’s website over emails rather than to go through Facebook pages.
What has been your experience?

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  1. We’ve spent $640 to promote our FB page and result was 3k fans. But when we shared something interested on our page, FB was not putting that on our fans news feed and we are seeing only 10-15 reach of our post.
    So what is the use of marketing spent and fans, if our content is out of reach when we share something.
    Facebook want marketer to spent on FAN building then “Boost Post” to let your fans see your post and interesting things is NO ROI after double spent.
    There are other advertising channel work better then social. Like email marketing, content marketing etc.

  2. Well, this is the hottest topic in marketing whether to promote their their services through email campaigning or social media marketing. I would say it totally depends on the services you are providing. Some of them get business through social media while others get through email marketing.

  3. Article is slightly confusing as it compares paid E-Mail campaigns with free social media posts. A fair comparison would be between E-Mail and ‘paid’ social media advertising.
    Two things are important about any paid campaign: Reach and Cost
    Facebook campaigns have potentially much wider reach than Email campaigns (Of course that is counting out all the spam email campaigns) except for the big E-Commerce companies.
    However social media campaigns are not as cost effective as email campaigns. Indian E-Commerce companies are paying between a few rupees and tens of rupees per Facebook click. In comparison, E-Mail programs with good conversion rates cost less than tens of paise per click.
    In my opinion, it is important to use both media: lower cost emails for reaching existing customers and facebook ads for reaching potentially newer customers.

  4. FB boost is waste of money, likes are fake when you boost your page, also there are chances that people mark your post spam. Better to use twitter with hashtags atleast this will get noticed with trending hashtags 😉

  5. Facebook is completely dead, unless of course you are willing to pay. Email is head and shoulders above Unpaid Social Media. Likes on your facebook page is just a vanity metric. Less than 1% people see your posts on their newsfeed.
    The article is right on the money.

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