: SocioNet for Motorsports Enthusiasts

Tech : SocioNet for Motorsports Enthusiasts is a newly launched motor sport based social network that is attempting to bring the Formula1 fans together.

Formula 1 is gaining momentum in India and is timing the popularity of sports by including the essentials of a social network on the portal – blogs, news, event calendar, forums and videos etc.

Force India

Revvs has also launched Fantasy Pickem, a game that requires participants to use their knowledge and skill to predict the correct finishing positions of racing drivers in a particular racing series. Fans earn points according to how accurately they predict the official finishing positions of the Racing drivers in a particular race. [source]

Well, vertical socionets do have a chance of success and lets hope Revvs does a lot better than Vijay Mallya’s Force India team, which crashed @ Australian Grand Prix.

What’s your opinion? Is Revvs too niche a site to get sustainable traffic?
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