Tubri–Social Networking Based on Real Life [Full Control on Privacy]

A few days back, we shared a presentation by a Googler on ‘The Real Life Social Network’ and recently, even Orkut announced major changes to the site, enabling activity updates to be confined to groups.

Tubri (benagli version of fountain fire-cracker) is a newly launched social network that pretty much works on the same principle – i.e. the basic fact that we all live in groups and our activity updates should be confined to groups only.

“Different groups and different relations. All current social networks on the web allow you to keep only one group of all the people you know. Thats how they are designed. So any update/photos you share, gets visible to ALL. This is where people stop socializing online.”

In Tubri, your activities will be shown only to group members and the product has taken strict privacy centric approaches like

  • No Public Profile
  • Nobody can see people in your network
  • Personal Groups – the groups you create are your personal. Nobody can see which groups you created
  • No group can see other group’s activities
  • Send different social updates to different groups
  • No wall/scrapbook – No one can write anything embarrassing on your profile page which others can see

Essentially, Tubri is a super-private social network that gives you all the control that are missing in the popular socionets like Facebook and Orkut.

Delhi based startup is attempting to bring the real life behavior to their social network,and ‘privacy’ is deeply embedded in product vision. However, the biggest question is – why move to another socionet? Does Tubri offers any other USP than privacy control?

I agree that Facebook privacy is way too complex and ‘might’ get embarrassing at some point in time, but are people really looking forward to a private social network like this? Isn’t Tubri a great service for closed communities, where discovery is not the intent?

An obvious thought that comes to mind is whether Tubri is a feature or a product and the team aptly answers it

The way I see it is, there is always competition between visions. Its not about features. We are bringing a new vision here which says a social network should be like real life social network. Starting with the groups concept as the foundation of Tubri, there will be many new ideas that will be implemented in Tubri. Some of them may be similar to FB and some radically different.

What’s your take? Do give Tubri a spin and share your opinion.
Watch this intro video

Social Networking – From a Googler’s Perspective

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