Social Networking Kills Productivity for Indian Corporate Employees by 12.5% [ASSOCHAM Report]..Agree?

ASSOCHAM has come up with yet another ground breaking report (they have been slammed for some of their earlier reports) that mentions that social networking sites kills productivity of corporate employees by 12.5%.

The survey (sample size of 4000) was carried out in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Indore, Ahemdabad, Surat, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Luckow, Kanpur and claims that almost each day, an average corporate employee spends an hour in surfing social networking sites.

Almost each day, an average corporate employee spends an hour, gluing to various social networking sites such as Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn etc. for romancing or otherwise drive some satisfaction out of it. With this average corporate employee’s each day working is reduced by an hour from 8 hour to 7 hour, further reveal the ASDF survey.
The survey showed that 77% of workers who have Orkut account use it during work hours. Interestingly, 83% see nothing wrong in surfing at work during the office hours.
Nearly 82% of workers have a Facebook account. The average worker uses it for 30-40 minutes a day which adds up to a lost week each year. [via]

While one has to agree that social networking sites do add to expanded conversations and one ends up spending more than stipulated time, do you think blocking social networking sites help organizations?

Is there something more fundamental to this? Case of a lot of Indian companies trying to own their employees lives? Maybe, social networking is bad for traditional companies, but what about new age companies?

What’s your opinion? Isn’t this a hypothesis that people are 100% productive if they act busy?

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