Social Networking – Not Working?

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While the next wave of internet, web 2.0 is all about exploiting social networks/bookmarking etc, Americans (and I believe most of the internet users worldwide) are getting lesser time to spend with their friends..

The study conducted by sociologists at Duke Univ. and Univ of Arizona, states that no. of people who have no one to talk to about important matters has more than doubled (since 1985).

Its really true that the Internet has become an island of its own – and many of us hardly get time to get off the net and spend time with friends/family..

Infact, the other day I was wondering how much I am hooked on to Linkedin/orkut/blogging/flickr, while when it comes to picking up the phone and calling the person, I think twice.
But, I do love to leave scrap messages in their Orkut profile!!
More on health hazard of being a computer geek here…

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