Social Networking Sites in India – A Recap [Traffic Comparison]

Way back in 2007 (early days of web2.0), there was a lot of noise about social networking and tons of new sites/product were launched. Two years later, the reality has hit the industry and while early movers still have an advantage, most of the me-too sites have died down/changed track and now, there is lesser competition in the market.

social networking sites in india - traffic

Orkut rules the chart and it’s quite clear that most of homegrown networks won’t be able to give Orkut/Facebook and Twitter a ‘serious’ competition – and not because they are homegrown, but because they do not have conversations. The traffic is dependent on one’s advertising spend and of course, Bollywood partnerships.

As far as Facebook/Twitter/Orkut competition goes, Indian media is promoting Twitter in a big way and most of the social media enthusiasts are embracing Facebook. Even though Orkut doesn’t seem to lose it’s sheen, expect a rough ride in the next 6 months when Facebook and Twitter would be the ‘in’ thing.

Having said all of this, there are niche vertical social networks which nobody is able to touch – for instance,, etc which have niche audience, conversations have a quality, sites have targeted sponsors and companies are making a ‘good’ living out of it (if not loads of $$s)!

What’s your take on Indian social networking space? Has the dust settled? Vertical vs. spread-out horizontal approach – what’s your preference?

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PS: For Twitter, web is just ‘another’ source of traffic and numbers do not showcase the real interest from India.

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