Social Newspaper, Frrole launches curated channels for Tech and Business verticals

Social newspaper Frrole, which attempts to make sense from Twitter noise by creating city-based social newspapers from Twitter feeds has launched curated sections called Technology and Business.

Like the existing streams, these too would be available at local, national and global level aggregations. The India Tech stream for example would aggregate and provide all posts from the major Indian tech and media blogs in one place. This should provide an easy way for the tech followers to find all the information in one place, before selecting and heading off to the specific blog to read the detailed post.

The Business stream would allow the user to get all the business/market related news in one place. Whether you, as the reader, want to quickly check out news just for India or globally, it should take just one click to switch between the two. Frrole continues to emphasize recency and popularity as indicators of usefulness, ensuring that only the most useful news is selected, keeping the barrage of generic news away.

In terms of algorithm, founder Amarpreet Kalka shares that while these two streams are build on the same core algorithms that are used for analysis and selection across the exiting streams, they have some salient differences. Because of the nature of content, they give more value to the tweet source. They also give relatively higher value to long-form posts than opinions or generic statements. The algorithms are still evolving, so do share your feedback with the team.

Are these curated channels a poor version of Techmeme for India? Do give them a shot and share your comments. An obvious feature to me would be to have a certain weightage to the content (otherwise content farms will take over the channel). Plus, discovery of great content is the key to an online newspaper – and that’s why Techmeme still rules.

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