Social recruitment made easy through HireRabbit, Bangalore based startup

Bangalore based HireRabbit is an enterprise SaaS product that enables companies to easily create an employer presence on Facebok fan pages. Candidates can search, view & apply for job openings directly from companies’ fan page, and job applications can be automatically delivered to companies’ existing hiring system.

Over 100 companies from US, Europe and Asia have signed up for the private beta and the company is working closely with the beta partners to fine-tune the product. As far as pricing is concerned, HireRabbit is free during private beta phase and will be offered on a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ basis.hirerabbit

In terms of offering, HireRabbit offers wide range of features to employers:

  • Employer Branding-Site : Candidates now can know more about your company right inside facebook through fully-customized pages and can follow your organization to stay updated.
  • Employer Job-Site: Add a fully-functioning job-site to your facebook fan page in minutes,
  • Embed Rich Media : Reveal the human side of your company through photos, videos
  • Proactive Referral recruitment: Search, contact and recruit the best candidates from your employees’ facebook network.
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Integration with Corporate Systems and Databases : Automate job postings and get candidate applications in your ATS.

Why Facebook, as opposed to LinikedIn, which is considered the go-to place for hiring?

HireRabbit team mentions:

Recruiting through Facebook is a relatively young concept, but its catching steam off late. According to a recent survey by jobvite, nearly 66% of companies are planning to use facebook to find job candidates. Facebook company pages is a great way to engage with the talent pool and provide a window into company culture. Facebook ad platform also serves as a targeted, performance based way to reach out to both active/passive candidates.

LinkedIn with 160+ million users is a great tool for recruiting senior to mid level professionals, But Facebook being the 2nd most trafficked website in the world with 900+ million users and broader demographic, cannot be ignored for recruiting across the corporate ladder.

What’s commendable about HireRabbit is not just the great design, but a very consistent approach in Inbound marketing, i.e. usage of blogs and ebooks to create a sense of authority in this space (recommended read: A Journey of Bootstrapping and ZERO outbound marketing: VisualWebsiteOptimizer hits 1500+ paying customers).

Social recruitment has been used by a lot of companies and globally, one in six job seekers found their last job through social networks (via). The challenge however lies in the fact that social recruiting tools like HireRabbit are focusing solely on transactions OR are they even utilizing one’s social data to build a meaningful understanding of a person (to me, that data that has enormous IP).

Having said that, for any solution company in recruitment space, the key question remains the same – provide another  job hop or help one in defining career? (LinkedIn focused on the latter and monetized the former).

What are your thoughts?

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