RSS needs a social layer? Feedspot is building one

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RSS needs a social layer? Feedspot is building one

Industry pundits have often claimed that RSS is dead. But in reality, RSS has become an infrastructure and will continue to grow (albeit slowly). When Yahoo pipes was launched, there was a certain hope that RSS will get acceptance by the mass, but that didn’t really happen. Moreover, RSS missed the social layer and to add to that, Google took a massive anti-social features by removing social links from Google reader.

Mumbai and California based Feedspot is revisiting RSS and enabling users to share/consume content shared by others and in the process, discover new and interesting topics/sites/people.  Feedspot’s goal is to built a dedicated social network for feed readers such that in addition to consuming content from their feeds they can also

  1. Connect with other users.
  2. Share interesting content with their followers.
  3. Consume Curated Content. i.e shared content by other people they follow.
  4. Discover New and interesting Topics and Sites from people they follow.
  5. The webapp lets you import feed from other readers.


The company has bagged Ex-Yahoo VP of consumer products, Dr. Larry Cornett as an advisor and if you are wondering how is Feedspot different from services like Flipboard? Cofounder, Anuj Agarwal mentions

Flipboard is a different version of your Twitter stream. It displays your twitter stream in a beautiful layout with other great features. But they depend on Twitter’s Data to such an extent that after Twitter’s harsh API announcements, Flipboard is one of the third party clients affected. And they do not have their own social layer.

Well, yes.  But the bigger question is whether social is a feature or is social the product? For Feedspot, the key is content discovery and getting people to discover interesting content. Having said that, I am not sure if creating a destination site is the right approach? But for sure, Feeedspot will inspire Google Reader team to revisit their strategy.

If you still use RSS reader as a consumption channel, do give Feedspot a spin and share your comments ( readers can sign up to the service using a special invite code:

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