Scrapehere wants to make shopping a social activity – create collections, set pricewatch, share, review and buy

Shopping is not just a one step buying activity. Its a whole process which involves discovering a product, comparing it, buying it and afterwards, rating the buy. Scrapehere wants to make all this social and easy.Scrapehere

“We are trying to build one such Social platform where we are trying combine all these steps in some way,” says Khaleel Pasha, Founder of Scrapehere.

Like Pinterest, the site lets users create collections which the users can populate with products found on online shopping stores. Using a browser bookmark, the user can add items found on websites to his collections and then set attributes, like price of the product. Users can then share it with his friends online to get feedback before buying.  One can also create a price watch on a product, which will alert you when the price drops to the level set by you.

How does it work?

On a collection, users can compare products from different websites (for e.g. this is a collection of sub 10K Android phones). It takes away the pain of having to open each product on each eCommerce site every time you want to compare products. The collection can also be shared easily with friends for their opinion on your prospective buy. One can also create wishlists, monitor prices and mark priorities.

If you are wondering what’s the use-case for the product, it is more geared towards ‘collections’. That is, instead of going through different websites for research for the Android device you are buying, you create a collection and share the collection with your friends/family.

Scrapehere ScreenThe biggest usability challenge while using the product is that one has to visit all these sites and add product details via bookmark, which in a way also challenges the purpose of the site (ideally, it should have been an automated scrape).

Scrapehere presently makes money through affiliate sales programs, and is planning to monetize in other ways, says Pasha. An interesting concept, do give Scrapehere a scrape and share your comments.

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