10 Social Technology News You Should Not Have Missed!

Whenever you think of news, it should be fresh, hot and served on platter at the exact moment to have the impact and get the necessary reaction from the readers and the world. Social world has shown a changing landscape with news ranging from the evergreen privacy issues to the delightful iOS 5 announcement. Let’s sail through the ten handpicked news from the social and technological world in the last 2 months, which had everyone talking about them.

10.  The Apple Location Tracking Controversy
Now Apple landed in a soup when two data researchers publicly announced their discovery of a location database cache stored on the iPhone and backed up to Macs and PCs using iTunes. This did not stop here, it also led to a mud spilling session between Google (Android) and iPhone. Lawsuits have been slapped on both the companies; you can read more about that here . What was the result of all this? Well, Apple then officially responded with this, which takes the form of ten questions and answers, explains the issue and also acknowledges bugs for duration of data kept in the server.

9. Likester : The Global Popularity Engine
With facebook came the concept of likes and now it is huge and giant. People “like” things and let people know about their preferences. Now Likester is taking things a step forward so you know the likes of your friends, neighbors and millions of people.  In their own words: “They’re here to help you understand what people like. This includes your friends, your neighbors, and people you’ve never met from across the street or around the world. When you sign up with Likester, you contribute your anonymous data (what you like), in exchange for seeing what everyone else likes. What you have “liked” is publicly available information anyway, so you’re not giving up any privacy to play here. Once you join, our site is organized into six main areas, that we think will help you navigate the universe of likes most efficiently.” So just click here and experience the world of “likes”.


8. My Starbucks Signature
Now this is an innovative social campaign by Starbucks. My Starbucks Signature lets you build your drink, name it, and share it with your friends. My Starbucks Signature can also show you nutrition information. This has created quite a buzz in Google and Twitter and people are all excited about their own signature coffee with their choices down to even the cup !! So click here and get started !!

7. Facebook Turns on Facial Recognition For Tagging By Default
Facebook once again has breached into the murky waters of privacy with the new facial recognition for tagging. The feature basically means that whenever you’re offered the chance to tag groups of your friends in an album, Facebook will use its facial recognition technology to group similar faces together and automatically suggest the friend you should tag them with. Now if you want to deactivate it or want to get more about it read more here.

6. Facebook Deals
It’s been some time since people have an eye on this one. While New York Times had quoted it as Facebook’s Groupon/ LivingSocial “killer” there has been an air of mystery surrounding it. Maybe now you can use your credits not only in games but to redeem deals and buy real things. Read here and know what the deal is all about

5. HP revamping webOSApp catalog
It’s officially the war of tablets, Motorola coming with Xoom, the RIM playbook already creating waves and the market leader so far, iPad announcing its next version. Now HP with it’s tablet will have a long way to come. It has started impressively started with revamping the webOSAppstore. You can read more here.

4. Google Offers
Google Offers is the next big thing Google has to offer. Google Offers comes as a direct challenge to Chicago-based Groupon, which offers subscribers online coupons for discounts on a broad range of consumer goods and services. Within hours of the unveiling of Wallet last week, eBay and PayPal filed a lawsuit charging that Google tapped into the online financial transaction service’s know-how for the mobile payments project. Read more here.

3.  NYPL Bibilon: The Boundless Library
It is once in a while that you get to see an app which proves itself phenomenal. It will floor the user with its UI and take the whole experience of magazine viewing to a new level? This is highly intuitive and the presentation is too good. You can read about it here or  see it here or even the better download it from here for your iPad.


2. iOS 5 Twitter integration
We are very well going to talk about the iOS features in the next point but this one needs a special mention for its might and effect. Now it’s not only users but also developers can leverage on the integration. This deep integration will mean much more than superficial access. It will be a major step which can prove to be a game changer, Read more about it here.


1. Apple Announces iOS 5
Whether you are an ardent Apple fan or just an observer, you must have surely looked forward to Steve Jobs delivering the keynote in WWDC 2011, Apples’ developer’s conference. It is here that apple announces it’s latest products to come, and as expected Apple didn’t disappoint. If you want a minute to minute detail, you can read here . Now what is new in the new iOS 5 is the twitter integration (we have already talked about this one), the SMS killer announced as iMessage, Newsstand to keep all your magazines in a place, Reminders which are location based and of course the camera has been improved. iCloud was also in the news for the new cloud services. [more]

More campaigns and more apps are coming and adding new dimensions and solving challenges in the social and mobile space. Now more users have access to smart phones and social media is having huge impact in day to day lives. With the latest happenings, everything seems to be taking a social dimension.

[This post has been written by Aram Bhusal. Aram works at Kuliza – a Bangalore based social technology firm. You can more of his blog on the Kuliza blog.]

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